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Who we are

Northwest Pearl is a family-owned business built around individuals with a unique set of skills: Anthony Ives has  a diversified background that includes financial markets and community development; Billy Ives has an engineering background and is a highly successful master grower.  The business’s aim is to supply high quality product to the marketplace both locally and nationally, while providing a platform for work leadership experience and community development. The business is minority and veteran owned.

The company maintains a combination of high quality and efficient production of cannabis. It is committed to excellence in product and product development both as a producer of strains and high quality buds and a processor a variety of products including concentrates and edibles.  The company has proven education, experience and research in the cannabis field. It has the extensive experience and knowledge of Billy Ives, a local master grower with over ten years of experience as a medical and recreational grower. The project is based in Shelton, Washington and will supply products throughout Washington State.  This will be used as a platform for national growth in this new market.  Both Tony and Billy are originally from Kitsap County.

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